About me

Hi I’m Kenneth.


       Are you, like me, familiar with the feeling where a friend/ girlfriend went shopping and you were just the other friend/ boyfriend waiting in that little corner for them to get it done? It all began a few years ago while my friend and I were visiting Cornwall, UK. He was photographing everything, and I meant everything. I was that friend back then who waited around for hours and swore to bring my camera the next time I go travelling, and so I did. That, was how I started photography.

       I am a pharmacist, based in South West London, who is passionate about photography, travelling and sports. Landscape and portraits are something that I’ve always enjoyed shooting, and I’ve come to realise that the hardest thing about photography isn’t capturing the perfect person or a breath-taking scenery, it is appreciating flaws and catching seconds which would’ve been missed or gone. I believe for me, photography is my way of expressing such interaction between people.